An old introductory video & published works

Hey guys! i thought to share this short video & photo-essay series that was featured/published many times ,before my critic tomorrow . Thought maybe it can show you a touch of how i am behind the camera and what happens inside of my head .

Definitely just a corner of the labyrinth i live & want to make images in!

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Letter #5: Perhaps it`s time to realize


Perhaps i`m realizing that all the self-consciousness ,apartness and inabilities to join in , are somehow the devils which are my angels. That without them i would never have disappeared into moments i long to capture and all the intensities that made and unmade me.

Perhaps i am finally hearing what has the most power in my life:

All that i whisper to myself and not what i say out of my mouth.


LETTER #4: I never knew


I still ask myself this question that if i was embraced by you or always rejected?

That if you were fighting me or letting me in ?

I often find myself confused with the thoughts of my memories of your touch through the pages of my life that played a significant role.

You were love ,wanting to remain a stranger.

You were a soft arrogant loud melody awkward with intimacy.

You were safety , uncomfortable with your nest.

You were truth ,wanting to be known as a lie.

You try so hard to be forgotten when all your struggles are to be remembered and understood well.

You are a masochistic sadist,

and me on the other side , swinging between the branches of trees, playing with wind and fire, dancing in the cemeteries to celebrate life, love you.

Letter #2: To Remember

DSC_7370 copy

To remember that as i evolve, i might feel like i am losing my mind, but i am just losing the mindset that was holding me back for years. Unplug everything  for a little while. Including you. It will all makes sense again. I will remember how far i`ve come and that i will appreciate myself. I am where i am because of the fight for my truth. And nothing is more beautiful to watch than a person sure of his vision, in harmony with his colors and open with his heart.



Letter #1: I will be loud


As i am laying on the floor , i listen to all the people in me , speaking at the same time, together.

As i am staring at the ceiling, feeling half awake and half asleep, feeling half numb and half alert, i want to listen to them. One by one.

I want each of them to know that they matter, that i see them, i hear them and this time , I WILL BE LOUD.